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No-Stitch Carpal Tunnel Surgery

No Hand Incision, No Stitches:

A Quicker Recovery

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often presents with painful, numb digits, such as the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Pain at these digits may be worse in the morning and even wake patients up at night. While non-surgical treatments, such as activity avoidance, continuous splint use, and daily anti-inflammatory consumption are available, these options are often ineffective. No-Stitch Carpal Tunnel Surgery is a less invasive procedure than the older, open release surgery. The No-Stitch method is ideal for those who have severe or persistent symptoms and would like to regain full usage of their hand within 1-3 weeks. In comparison, the older open technique typically requires 4-6 weeks to heal the larger palm incision.

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Quick, Minimally Invasive Procedure

Dr. Cole makes a tiny incision in the wrist, where a small camera helps guide his instruments to transect the carpal tunnel ligament. Cutting this ligament relieves pressure on your median nerve, alleviating pain. The endoscopic method requires tiny access “camera port” at the wrist instead of a larger cut in the palm like older techniques. This tiny incision is so small it doesn’t even require a stitch for closure. It’s also been associated with a quicker return to hand function and use, as well as less post-operative pain.

Most of Dr. Cole’s patients return to normal use within 1-3 weeks.

Hand with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Boise Plastic Surgery and Hand Center

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Planning Your No-Stitch Carpal Tunnel Surgery

What care should be taken right after the no-stitch carpal tunnel surgery?

Dr. Cole places all carpal tunnel release patients in a small wrist splint after surgery. This will be worn for one week, and this is placed to ensure that the healing process is started off on the right pathway. After one week, Dr. Cole removes the splint. From this point on, daily wound care and a simple bandaid should be applied to the healing “port site”.

While the gentle range of motion of the hand is recommended following splint removal, avoidance of stress, strain, and lifting more than 5 lbs is advised for three total weeks following surgery in order to optimize the healing process.

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Does the carpal tunnel ligament grow back after surgery?

No. The Transverse Carpal Ligament will not “grow back” in a true sense following successful surgery. However, scar tissue may form in the area, and this may place pressure on the Median Nerve. This may create symptoms very similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This phenomenon is very rare but may occur in approximately 1% of cases.

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How long does the no-stitch carpal tunnel surgery take?

The Cole No Stitch Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Procedure typically takes 1-3 weeks to return to normal hand function and physical therapy is almost never required. Of course, if needed, physical therapy is always available. If a traditional, open procedure is required, this often takes 4-6 weeks to heal and return to normal hand use.

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