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Explant Questionnaire

Thank you for contacting our office. Dr. Cole does have a lot of experience in cosmetic surgery, especially explant en bloc capsulectomy with or without mastopexy. Because Dr. Cole has helped so many patients through the years experiencing breast implant illness symptoms, he does not place or replace breast implants. So if you are looking to replace your breast implants, we are not a good fit for you. Of note, we are not able to accept medical insurance for explant surgery. If interested in meeting with Dr. Cole as a cosmetic surgery patient, your first step would be to schedule a $50 cosmetic consultation appointment. If you decide to move forward with surgery scheduling, it would be with lower negotiated cosmetic cash pay surgeon and surgery center fees. During your initial cosmetic consultation, you will meet with Dr. Cole to discuss your goals, surgical options, preparation, and recovery. In order to schedule that initial $50 cosmetic consultation, we do need a bit of information first though. If you’re comfortable sharing information through this secure form, please respond to the following questions.

Explant Questionnaire

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